Oscars de la Rent the Runway

Growing up on the East Coast, I always thought the Super Bowl was the biggest night on television.  After living on the West Coast for almost 8 years, I’ve realized that certain award shows in California are considered of equal importance.

Before moving West, I wasn’t really into Award season, but now I have to admit that I do look forward to the amazing gowns, Ricky Gervais referring to Bruce Willis as ‘Ashton’s Kutcher’s Dad,’ and Joan Rivers skewering celebrities the day after their red carpet waltz.

If you’re like me and DO enjoy the pomp and circumstance, I highly recommend having an Oscar Party this year.  You can dress it up (literally) or down as much as you’d like.  Below are ideas for the former, but if you’d like to host something a little less extravagant, refer to some of my suggestions in game day entertaining or wine & cheese basics and simply adjust appropriately.


Design your own invitations @ Paperless Post.  They only take a minute, they’re free, and they’re better looking than Evite or Facebook.


Smoked Salmon Blinis Canap s with Sour Cream and Caviar (1888R-15275 / MKI-MON061059 © Stockbroker)      Crostini with Wild Mushrooms and Gorgonzola photo

  • Caviar canapes
  • Fromage & Charcuterie platter
  • Mini Quiches/Arancini – I have zero qualms about using Trader Joe’s frozen appetizers, they’re tasty & EASY!
  • Fruit de Mer Platter:  Oysters, Jumbo Shrimp, Crab, and or Lobster w/ mignonette, lemon, & cocktail sauce
  • 3 styles of Crostini – i.e. diced tomatoes, evoo, & fresh parmesan;  sautéed wild mushrooms, goat cheese, & truffle oil; sautéed brocollini & red pepper flakes


The French 75 - A Perfect Cocktail for New Years    Classic Cocktail

By sticking with 1-2 liquor types & mixing them with Champagne will give the appearance that you have a very robust drink selection, but without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  I recommend Vodka as the first liquor because almost everyone likes it.  The second selection for the Oscars, should be something classic like Gin – Bombay Sapphire my favorite as I don’t like the strong juniper flavor of Tangueray.


Dress it up:

Silver Sequin Shine GownAvril DressStarstruck Dress

or just spruce it up:

Silver Southern Plantation EarringsEmerald Drop EarringsArt Deco Bling Cuff

If you so desire, add a note on your paperless post inviting guests to dress to the nines if they’re up for it.  I would highly recommend going for it and wearing fancy cocktail dresses for fun.  Don’t have one?  Check out a loner from Rent the Runway.  Don’t want to spend $125 on a gown for the evening, then spend $15 on sparkly earrings or bracelet.

Help make the lesser-known Awards more fun:

Print up copies of the Oscar Ballot so guests can take their best stab at preselecting the winners.  Trade ballots once they’re completed during the red carpet extravaganza and award a prize to the winner at the end.  Don’t forget to have the music cued if the winner’s speech goes on too long!

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